The tongue doesn't go in the glottis.

I'm an animator living in New York that also happens to love reptiles with all her heart. I love Dragon Quest, Pokemon, Monster Hunter and PURPLE THINGS??!

My career is animation, but my hobby is reptile keeping. If you have a question, I will answer it to the best of my ability! My knowledge is best on the species I've actually kept, but I know a bit about other species and I can point you in the right direction if I can't answer a question!

As always, feel free to call me out if you notice me making husbandry mistakes. I'm in this to teach about reptiles, but I want to learn about them, too!
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Hello! Do you have any advice on what I could do to help my new BTS calm down a little in terms of settling in to her new home? I just got a baby (I named her Tardis!) from my local reptile show on Saturday. I haven't been handling her so that she can have time to settle in without me interfering too much, but whenever I'm working in her tank to clean, feed, or give her water, she comes running out of her hide and will huff or hiss at me. She also doesn't want to do anything but hide. :/
flygex-eatin-on-softies flygex-eatin-on-softies Said:

Well for the most part, a lot of reptiles won’t want to do anything but hide.  There are periods of time where I won’t see Plinko for days, just because he likes to keep hidden.  

Just give her a little more time!  It definitely took a few weeks for Plinko to stop huffing all the time and tongue flapping.

You’re doing all the right things :3 I have heard of really really grouchy BTS but it’s pretty rare.  If after a month she’s still so huffy, then I’d be more concerned.

I know I have a lot on my plate ATM but I need some $$$ and I came up with these funny/cute icons if anyone is interested!  They’re fairly customizable as long as you’re happy with having a round head and not prominent snout or anything.

Anyways let me know if you guys have interest!  They’d be $20 each.  you can email me at if you want one!




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70% of editing is just looking at ur work for a few hours with this face


true story

true for drawing

true for video editing

true for writing

just true

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today on every dbz episode ever made

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here’s a video of an armadillo playing if youve never seen that before

After handling one at the zoo, I must say I love 3 banded armadillos.

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I’m researching the temperatures of Ghana and Senegal, and trying to figure out what exactly defines a savannah, what exactly the monitors use their claws for… I might be thinking too much into it lol.



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cuteosphere said: do you yet have a pet called Spaghetti and if not why not

That is a good question!!!! If i were ever to get an amazon tree boa or something like a milk or king, spaghetti would be a v good name………

I’m so angry about the gopher tortoise you guys, so watch this cute video of one angrily eating grass and hissing.

A few years ago I didn’t know any better and I found one while in Florida for vacation, and I picked it up for photos, but I know better now.  These guys are SUPER IMPORTANT to the environment, always remember to leave them alone if you find one!

picklepies said: Since you have Beanbag why not Hackysack?

HACKEYSACK IS PERFECT OMG right now that’s her tentative name because they literally turn into bags of squish and sacks of meat.




Report them to your local animal control or wildlife welfare organization, you can also go straight to your county’s local police station. You can tell them you have video evidence and screenshots of them discussing it on FaceBook under their real names and then forward that information to the police. You can do this anonymously, but it may make prosecution harder (Though if you’re just reporting them from social media sites, it is probably best to stay anonymous.). I did a quick google and I’m assuming you are in Clay county? If so you can call Clay County Animal Care & Control at 904-269-6342.

This has been making me so fucking angry this morning. Fucking shitty teenagers.

Just a heads up to everyone about this situation, I’ve been alerted that this was an endangered gopher tortoise. That’s a felony right there. Light up those phone lines, friends.

Holy shit, you’re not even allowed to touch those guys they’re so crucial to the environment.  It’s not even that they’re endangered, the burrows they dig are so critical for other species that the lack of gopher tortoises would be devastating to the environment.  Get this person behind bars, oh my god.

I’m SUPPOSED to be getting a female tokay any day now, but because of my financial situation I had to put her on hold. ;_;  I still haven’t decided a name for her… but I swear as soon as my finances improve she is gonna be my 2nd tame tokay, and make tame tokay babies! >:D 



when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.

Veronica, was this your bachelorette party?

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