The tongue doesn't go in the glottis.

Titmouse artist living in NY that loves reptiles hello, hi
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Asker demonsparrow Asks:
OMG those are great though. The last one is wonderful he looks like he's going to take over the world o____o Thank you so so so so so much again! Is there any particular way you'd like to be credited on the page? (It's not built yet, but it shouuuuld be up by Wednesday)
flygex-eatin-on-softies flygex-eatin-on-softies Said:

i guess if you want, Allison Frank, that’s all! :P


Look in your shoes, boots, or in the closet. One time our python got out and we looked for hours to find her, ended up she was just hiding in a snowboard boot. Kitchen cabinets too, a friend’s snake hid there one time.

Sniffie got away from us recently and he was smushed behind his enclosure… for some reason my boyfriend didn’t think to look there, but I did, and as soon as I did I found him, haha.


Idk what JoJo was trying to accomplish.

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To top off my day, I go to get some mice for Hashbrown and some rats for Sniffie and the girl at the pet store was either flirting with me or just REALLY airheaded.  She kept staring at me blankly and grinning like an idiot… when all I wanted was some snake food.

They didn’t have ANY mice or large rats, and no fuzzies either. All they literally had were small rats and pinkies.  What.  So I got some hornworms because I didn’t want to waste a trip and of course Plinko isn’t hungry today.  I hope Beanbag wants some because I just spent $7 on hornworms and I’d rather not it go to waste.

I’m just so annoyed right now.  How the hell does a pet store not have mice? Seriously?

And before you tell me I should order my rodents online, our mail carrier is a piece of shit and so is our post office, and getting packages is hellish.

the White Plains show cannot come soon enough x___x


crispyfishsticks replied to your post: “I’m a little disappointed with the zoo med UTH… Especially the medium…”:
Are you using a thermostat? All heat sources should be on one. THG heat tape & a hydrofarm thermostat destroys zoo med stuff any day.
No, sadly…

Gah I’m sorry but huge red flag here.  If you’re going to own reptiles, you need to use thermostats, bottom line.  >_< 

For all the noobs out there, thermostats are not optional.  Most of the hideous burns you see pictures of are because someone didn’t use a thermostat.  I don’t know how anyone can research any snake and not take away “THERMOSTATS ARE VERY IMPORTANT AND WITHOUT ONE YOUR REPTILE WILL PROBABLY DIE.” 

Please please have a way of regulating your temperatures.  I don’t care if your UTH claims to stay within safe temperatures, it won’t.  It just won’t.  

I admire Crispy for being so calm about this but I’m internally screaming and screaming and screaming.  

That said, I’m grateful the OP is willing to go out and get thermostats.  Way to go, OP!

I found a very lardy individual.

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Lookit these two, posing like they know how cute they are. #grayson #drake #batmansheep #shetlandsheep #statenislandzoo #zookeeper

RAMMIES.  gonna kiss them.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I also recommend Michael Billewicz from Michael's Tokay Hoard, though you may have to contact him personally as I don't think he keeps his available list updated
flygex-eatin-on-softies flygex-eatin-on-softies Said:

Yes! He is awesome. He’s always posting in the tokay communities I’m in.  I feel like he has the most extensive USA collection of tokay morphs.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Where/who did you get your Tokay gecko from? Or do you know of any reputable Tokay breeders? Been trying to find a good source for a tokay and haven't been lucky thus far. Thanks~~
flygex-eatin-on-softies flygex-eatin-on-softies Said:

I got Bean from Leapin’ Leachies, but they only sell tokays at shows.  Another great tokay breeder is Kita, from Spotted Scales.  She’s where I got Penelope!

i find it hard to believe that my tokay gecko is more lax than my blue tongue skink


how did i get so lucky? lol

so spoopy

This beast is getting so big!  SCREAM!


Self promoting is officially against tumblr’s social guidelines.

*shakes fist*


I caught someone doing this and I was so confused because I frequently check the reblogs and tags on my posts.  I get so excited when someone reblogs with a comment, so when i saw a comment and clicked on it, I was so confused when it just went to the person’s page.  I tried like 5 times to figure out what the comment even was before I realized it was just a promo for their blog O.o

I found this odd parrot.  He couldn’t even talk!  What a terrible parrot