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Pictures from White Plains!  Damn it was amazing, and I finally felt a crested gecko; I have to say that scaleless rat snakes are a TINY BIT softer, but not by much, and only because cresties still have a little bit of a texture to them.. Scaleless are totally smooth.

Speaking of scaleless, there were a BUNCH of them at this show, jeez.  A lot of them looked like Hashbrown, which made me a little sad.. but that’s okay because I know Hash is unique.  They also had a scaleless leucy with the bug eye gene (pictured above)?!  I don’t understand why you would ever let that happen, it looked so gross.

The albino darwin’s carpet was SO pretty, it had neon yellow highlights.. 

They also had a Sunbeam snake and the dealer had no idea what he was fucking talking about, it made me so mad.  A guy looked like he was really interested in purchasing it, then I whispered in his ear “don’t buy it, they always die within 6 months..”  He looked disgusted at the vendor then walked away, lol… But seriously it was in a plain plastic delicup with no substrate or moisture or anything, and he was letting people hold it.  He also claimed that it “probably” ate f/t but he didn’t know for sure because they just got it in that morning.

I WAS SO CLOSE TO BUYING THAT GORGEOUS MILK SNAKE HYBRID YOU HAVE NO IDEA.  And I really wanted to get a little tailless whip, but my BF wouldn’t let me, wehhhhh.

  1. kkaroushi said: WHAAA you live near white plains?
  2. themonsterdog said: oh man that is a beautiful hybrid. there are some really astoundingly gorgeous hybrids, like how do you even make that pattern
  3. farsnakes said: AAHHH DAT THAYERI NELSON. DAMN.
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  5. quietblackbear said: A friend of mine got one of those hybrids! he says that it’s been super chill with easy care requirements so far
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    im so excited for repticon im going to die
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    Yes, I will take all of the amblypygids, please, thank you.
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